4 Things To Know About Brand Reviews Manila

1. Brand Reviews Manila is a collection of reviews of various brands using my point of view as a consumer and as a marketer.

I may have really fallen in love with marketing since college that even now that I am running my own businesses as an investment consultant, I still find myself auditing a brand or evaluating a marketing campaign inside my head whenever I see one.

This led me to finally creating Brand Reviews Manila – after a long process that involved sleepless nights, consulting with various digital marketers that I know (and not personally know), self-talk and praying.

After realizing that I cannot be parted with my brand-and-marketing-campaign-assessing tendencies alongside with my obsession with writing, blogging and social media, Brand Reviews Manila became the missing piece in an obsessive but exciting and sometimes painful – puzzle.

2. Brand Reviews Manila contains reviews, tips and how to’s using the listicle (or list article) format.

I think in list and I write in list. Thus, this “About” page which is in listicle (or list article) format.

And such is same for the whole Brand Reviews Manila blog. In here, I write reviews, tips and how to’s which all fit in the “listicle“ category.

I find listicles fun to write and easy to read.

3. When I say “brand”, I do not just mean products that are usually found in the supermarkets. 

I do not just write about products and services. I also write about events, organizations and people.

For me, everything that has a name has a brand. (Heck, even He-who-must-not-be-named is such a huge brand!)

Brand Reviews Manila gives me a chance to write about the brands that I like (and for the case of Lord Voldemort – even not-so-like).

4. I want to use Brand Reviews Manila to help my fellow consumers, marketers and if there’s any chance – startups and non-profits.

I feel that there really is such a huge demand for honest and credible consumer-written reviews about the products and services that we use – for the use of our fellow consumers as well as for the use of the marketers and manufacturers of such.

In the past, I have used my blogs such as Sleek in the City and a self-named blog to review various products and services as well as marketing campaigns. I felt that the blogs were well-received.
I’d like to do the same again and this time – with more freedom.

If there are chances, I’d also like to help startups and non-profits which can use some online exposure or even a little advice for their product designs and marketing campaigns.

Mark Delgado
Manila, Philippines
November 14, 2016

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